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Keeping Kids Safe From Ticks

Ticks don’t just attack adults, they will go after kids as well.  Well, honestly they don’t really attack anyone but without proper residential tick control rockville these insects can cause a lot of damage.  When we look at a tick it is a small creature that will use its jaw to bite into our skin.  When it does this, a nerve toxin is released masking its appearance.  This is why they are so dangerous.  If we can’t feel them, then they have all the time in the world to cause damage.

Keep kids in specific zones

You want to avoid a lot of different areas of your yard and your environment.  If you have standing water don’t have your kids go and splash in puddles.  If you have tall grass don’t have your kids go and make mazes or crop circles.

Avoid exploring the woods alone

For kids the woods are a magical place to go and explore.  When we go into the woods we like to paly games and explore.  It is through this exploration that they may come across a nest of ticks or even a single tick in the wrong place.  If this happens they can easily become bit.

If they are going to explore the woods have an adult or older child go with them so they can keep an eye out.  Then when they get home, have them come inside and get checked out immediately.  The greatest defense against ticks is early detection.  The reason for this is that ticks will take a little time to become attacked to the point where they won’t let go.  When this happens, we can remove them without too much or any damage.

residential tick control rockville

Watch out for pets as well

Pets such as dogs will tend to go running with the kids into the woods.  When this happens their hair or fur will come in contact with areas that may have tocks attached.  These ticks can then become issues for your pets and your kids.